Prayer is the turning of our awareness to the presence of God within our lives: it is the movement of heart and mind to this presence. Praying is talking to God. We can talk to God in many ways.


Why pray?

Relationships thrive on good communication. To grow in love and friendship we need to communicate, not just openly but often!  When we pray, we express our desire to grow closer to God. Through prayer we can praise, thank, ask, cry, argue and express many emotions. We can speak, listen, sing, chant, dance, smile, embrace or just sit with our God.

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Sign of the Cross

The Lord's Prayer

Hail Mary

Glory Be to the Father

Penetential Act


School Prayer

A Morning Intention

Blessing Before Meals

Blessing After Meals

The Nicene Creed

Act of Contrition

An Act of Faith

An Act of Hope

An Act of Love

The Apostle's Creed

Prayer to the Holy Spirit

A Prayer for those who have Died

An Ancient Prayer for the Church

Hail Holy Queen

The Angelus

The Divine Praises

Prayer to the Guardian Angel