School Fees

Fee Schedule 2020 Per Year
School Fees (per family) $2,445.00
Building Levy (per family) $498.00
Student Levy (per child) $516.00
Garden-to-Kitchen Levy - Years P-4 (per child) $70.00
iPad Levy - Years P-3 (per child) $68.00
Year 5 Camp to Phillip Island (3 days from 22nd -24th August) $380.00
Year 6 Canberra Capital Tour (5 days from 30th April -3rd May) $850.00

School Fees together with Commonwealth and State Government Grants pay the running costs of the school. These costs include:- salaries; building; furniture, equipment, maintenance; light; power and heating; insurance, rates and capital expenditure.

Student Levies contribute directly towards education costs (with the exception of school camps), which include things such as library and text books; art and craft materials; class incursions & excursions, sacramental programs, swimming tuition, beach safety program and inter-school sporting activities.

School Fees, Student Levies, Building Levies and Grounds Maintenance Levies are billed in full at the start of the year and payable over 3 equal instalments, collected in Terms 1, 2 & 3.

There is no reimbursement of school fees for families where students are absent from school for a prolonged period due to family holidays as the school is holding an enrolment place open for your child(ren).

Fee Payment

School accounts will be sent out within two weeks of the beginning of Term 1, billing the full year’s fees and levies. Fees are payable over three equal installments, collected in Terms 1, 2 & 3 and due within six weeks. Extra-Curricula and Camp Levies are billed with Term 1 Fees.

Fees can be remitted by:

Cash – in person at the office between 8.30am and 4.00pm
Cheque – made out to St Louis de Montfort’s School
Credit Card – in person at the Office or complete bottom section on fee account
Direct Debit – complete attached request form and return to office
Online Transfer – St Louis de Montfort’s General Account
BSB: 083-347
Account No: 64904 5887

Parish Contribution

We need all school families and community members to commit to the ongoing life and development of our parish. A parish Thanksgiving or Stewardship Program, which commenced in 2013, provides an opportunity to come on board. If you have chosen not to be on this program then we ask you to support the parish through a Parish Contribution.

As of the 2016 school year, those families not already on the Thanksgiving program are asked to choose either:

1) To enroll in the Thanksgiving/Stewardship Program, with a minimum of $200.00 per year


2) Contribute to the Parish Contribution for $200 per family per year