Sustainability Initiatives

Staff at St Louis de Montfort are proactive at finding sustainability opportunities, initiatives and programs for their students to participate in. Many of these opportunities occur through partnerships and participation in multi-school events. These include:

Big Green School Conference

The annual Big Green Schools Conference enables Environmental Leaders from schools within Kingston and surrounds to create and deliver the big green ideas for Kingston. ST Louis has been well represented and their 3D models of sustainable schools and train stations have been displayed in the schools reception area. Leaders also present to the 100 other participants and also deliver workshops when the event is held at our school.

Originally organised by Carrum Primary School and the City of Kingston, in 2014 St Louis de Montfort and Mentone Park schools joined the Big Green School organising committee.

‘i sea i care’ Marine Ambassador Student Leadership program

St Louis de Montfort’s  ‘i sea, i care’ Marine Ambassadors participate in a 12-month whole of school leadership program.  The Ambassadors participate in activities (along with the Ambassadors from other Kingston schools) to learn about the health of Port Phillip Bay, its animals, its plants and they understand that what happens at our school and our homes has an impact on our waterways impacts on the Bay.

Activities undertaken by the Marine Ambassadors include:

  • Swimming with dolphins and seals
  • Learning and delivering a peer- teaching workshop to students in the junior grades,
  • Giving environmental announcements at assemblies and write articles for the newsletter and website
  • Designing and implementing initiatives to reduce school litter
  • Participating in a hands-on catchment tour that follows local drains, stormwater filtering wetlands and waterways to understand how their actions impact on or help the Bay
  • Watching litter traps being emptied and understanding how litter ends up in the Bay and its impacts on wildlife
  • Working beside Council staff to undertake land management activities including planting, weeding, litter collection, understanding pest animals and foreshore restoration practice
  • Representing the school at a celebration and graduation ceremony.

St Louis de Montfort has also been successful in receiving many Marine Ambassador Awards. The Marine Ambassador program is delivered by the Dolphin Research Institute (DRI) on behalf of the City of Kingston.

Kids Teaching Kids

Our Environmental Leaders participate in the annual 2-day The Kids Teaching Kids Conference that promotes positive wellbeing and helps build resilience in young people. Students join other primary and secondary school environment leaders from around Victoria and they work together to raise awareness and drive action on local and global environmental issues, they solve common challenges together and students learn how to take collective responsibility for a sustainable future.

St Louis students are regular presenters at the Conference and at events during Kids Teaching Kids Week. Through the Kids Teaching Kids mentoring program the students are given tools to manage their own learning and become confident, caring and informed citizens ready to take on new challenges.

St Louis de Montfort gratefully thanks sponsorship from Melbourne Water and City of Kingston to participate in the Kids Teaching Kids Conference.

ResourceSmart AuSSI Vic Awards Event

Annually, Sustainability Victoria hosts the ResourceSmart AuSSI Vic awards to acknowledge the environmental achievements of schools throughout Victoria. At many of these events St Louis de Montfort’s sustainability leaders have showcased our sustainability endevours by delivering peer-teaching presentations.

ToolBox for Environmental Change

For over 12 years Greening Australia has organised the Toolbox for Environmental Change, a professional development event for 300 sustainability teachers and staff to learn firsthand how to bring sustainability into the classroom and curriculum.

Staff from St Louis de Montfort’s Sustainability, Kitchens to Gardens, Health and Wellbeing and Leadership portfolios annually attend and participate in the Toolbox.

Royal Botanic Gardens Program

Through support of the CEOM Placed teacher at the Royal Botanical Gardens, we have been able to provide education sessions for our students linking to the local wetlands environment and Yammerbrook Nature Reserve in Aspendale, and rock pool eco-systems at Ricketts Point Marine Sanctuary Beaumaris.

Melbourne Water Education

Pilot program conducted at the Edithvale-Seaford Wetlands in 2013 and a follow-up education program in 2014. Melbourne Botanical Gardens (2013) and Melbourne Water (2014) have also sponsored students to attend the Kids Teaching Kids event.