Sustainability Learnscape

In 2012 a 10-year Sustainability Learnscape Plan was developed for the entire school grounds. Each year additional outdoor learning and play spaces are constructed. Our learnscape includes:

  • Outdoor kitchen within the gardens (made from reused shipping containers) used in our K2G program
  • Permaculture area
  • A bank of worm farms and compost bays
  • Animal husbandry area including chickens, ducks, finches, goats, guinea pigs and rabbits
  • Fruit orchard
  • Bush tucker garden
  • Aquaponics
  • Water courses and stormwater filtering ponds
  • Propagating shed
  • Learning amphitheatre (constructed from reused tyres)
  • Woodlands
  • Pizza oven

These outdoor spaces allow a variety of student learning opportunities including science, mathematics, languages, English, geography, science, health and wellbeing, interpersonal and personal learning.

St Louis de Montfort thanks our students, teachers, parents, sponsors and community for their incredible fund raising efforts that allowed these improvements to occur.

Our award winning learnscape attracts many visitors and is a location for many student leadership events and teacher professional development. Our students deliver tours, kids-teaching-kids sessions and environmental activities relating to our school and learnscape.

Communities for Nature funding has been received for 2014/15 allowing the next stage of our learnscape to be constructed.