Vision Statement

At St Louis de Montfort’s Primary School we…

Celebrate our Catholic Identity

St Louis de Montfort’s Parish Primary School is committed to developing gospel and secular values and a knowledge and understanding of Catholic faith, doctrine and tradition. We strive to make faith real in the world by supporting students to grow individually in relationship with Jesus Christ and to develop to their full potential as active members of the faith community, through participation in prayer, liturgy, sacraments, social justice and service to others.

Develop successful life-long learners

We are committed to supporting all students to become successful learners, confident individuals and active and informed citizens. We provide a comprehensive and inclusive curriculum built on essential skills in literacy and numeracy as a foundation for success in all learning areas. We engage students in authentic contemporary learning which is interactive and innovative, allowing them to think critically, work creatively, analyse information and solve problems. We encourage students to learn and plan activities independently, collaborate and communicate ideas, and build new knowledge by making connections between prior knowledge and experiences and new contexts and possibilities. We endeavour to cater for students’ individual needs, learning styles, backgrounds, perspectives and interests so that they are motivated to reach their full potential and develop an appetite for life-long learning.

Maximise belonging, engagement and connectedness

We are committed to developing and maintaining a positive school community by providing students with a friendly, caring, supportive and safe environment which maximises their engagement, sense of belonging and connectedness to school. We place a strong emphasis on developing social and emotional learning for students so that they recognise and manage emotions, promote care and concern for others, make responsible decisions, establish and maintain positive relationships, and develop resilience. We offer parent information and education about parenting, child development and children’s mental health. We provide early intervention for student’s experiencing mental health issues and learning difficulties.

Build leadership capacity, shared ownership and teamwork

We are committed to building, developing and sustaining leadership capacity and facilitating open communication, consultation and collaborative decision making, thereby encouraging staff to take shared ownership for the strategic direction of the school. We aim to develop effective teamwork, participate in ongoing professional learning, acknowledge staff contributions and achievements, and offer one another constructive performance feedback. We endeavour to provide and maintain appropriate facilities and resources to support high quality teaching and learning.

Promote a welcoming environment and strong community partnerships

We strive to promote a family-friendly school environment and build strong community partnerships by welcoming and actively encouraging a wide variety of participation in the life of the school.