Building Community

Why are we trying to build the St Louis Community?
Why is building community important?

Research from Australia and overseas has found that students achieve better outcomes from their education when schools, families and the community work together to support student learning.

Benefits for students


  • self esteem
  • engagement in learning
  • participation in more challenging subjects


  • literacy and numeracy outcomes
  • attendance
  • completion of homework
  • behaviour at home and school
  • connection to school and learning
  • school completion rates

Benefits for families


  • understanding of their child’s learning needs and progress
  • confidence in the school environment
  • investment in their child’s education
  • feeling of support from school and other parents
  • satisfaction with the work of the school


  • self esteem
  • capacity to help their child do better at school
  • involvement in their own education
  • connection to the school
  • links with community resources and services

Benefits for schools


  • respect from staff for families’ strengths and efforts
  • readiness of staff to involve all families in all aspects of the life of the school
  • understanding of the students’ strengths, needs and goals
  • resources to support schools’ learning programs
  • attendance of families at school activities
  • expectation of families and community to be involved in school programs and governance


  • connections with the community
  • school image within the community
  • family and community satisfaction with the school

Research by Bernhardt (1993) noted that some schools seem to have more ability than others to promote parent involvement. Schools can help parents decide to be involved by offering a range of options for interactions that take parental needs into account. That is why at St Louis we are constantly endeavouring to provide opportunities for parent involvement. We do this through our commitment to community events. Some members of the community may see this as an extra pressure on their time but as research clearly indicates it impacts positively on your child. So whether it be working in your child’s classroom, attending an event or keeping up to date with what is happening at school it all makes a difference.