Charitable Fund

St Louis de Montfort’s School has formed a partnership with the Aspendale Gardens-Edithvale branch of the Bendigo Bank through its Community Enterprise Foundation™ to establish a Charitable Fund as a vehicle to raise money for school community initiatives.

Our Philosophy is that together ordinary people can make extraordinary things happen.

Bendigo Bank has established the Community Enterprise Foundation as a philanthropic arm to share its community values and to assist institutions to raise money for vital local community projects.

St Louis de Montfort’s Primary School Charitable Fund allows individuals to donate money to support nominated school projects. The school has established a Charitable Fund Board of Management to oversee the implementation of projects and make recommendations for funding of projects.

All donations over $2:00 are tax deductable. Donations can be made at the Aspendale Gardens Bendigo Bank or online at

The first project will be “Fit as a Fiddle”. This research based initiative aims to improve the health of students at St Louis de Montfort’s Primary School by building a running track with exercise stations to address obesity and enhance mental health in our school population (see full proposal). This project is estimated to cost approximately $30,000.00.