School Uniforms

The wearing of a school uniform is compulsory at St Louis. There is a uniform shop on the premises which is open each school morning and afternoon, stocking the majority of uniform items in a variety of sizes for all children from Prep to Year 6.

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Summer Uniform

During Summer girls wear a blue school dress and boys wear shorts with a polo top. Hats are mandatory from 1st September to 1st May each year.

Winter Uniform

Winter uniform for girls is either a navy tunic or long pants with a skivvy or long sleeve polo top. Boys also wear long pants and a long sleeved top. Students also have the option of a school jumper or jacket, or both! School scarves are also available.

Sport Uniforms

Students have a choice of sport uniforms including tracksuits, unisex shorts, and skirts and skorts for girls.

All students belong to a sports house and wear a t-shirt for that house as a part of their sports uniform.

School Bags

The range of school bags includes school back pack, Library bag and Communication bag

School Hats

St Louis supports a Sunsmart Policy and all children must wear hats outdoors during terms 1 and 4.

Accessories and other Items

A variety of hair accessories, sports briefs and other items are also available from the school’s uniform shop. Scarves and gloves are also available for Winter as well a raincoat. Art smocks may be purchased as well as lunch bags for the canteen.