Stewardship begins with a conversion – a change of mind and heart and it means committing one’s very self to the Lord.

Our first invitaon to all school families is to join us in our weekly celebration of the Eucharist. Why we need the Mass and why we need it weekly is because God wants to touch our lives inmately and give us grace to go and become transformers of the world. Giving one hour of our me, once a week seems such a litte thing to do for all the blessings we have received.

As parents, we are called to give an example to our children of being good stewards by using our gifts of time, talent and material blessings properly.

Going to Mass

  • Through our Baptism we are called to ministry
  • At the centre of our lives is the Eucharist
  • The Body and Blood of Jesus in bread and wine
  • Our coming together as a parish family
  • Our place for strength and nourishment
  • A place of healing and solace, of forgiveness and renewal
  • The launching pad for our lives of witness, service and sharing

Growing through service

  • Nourished and strengthened we serve God and our neighbour
  • Primarily by our own personal witness and example
  • Also by our good works, caring and sharing
  • By serving our parish, school and local community
  • By ‘being there’ for people in their hour of need
  • Serving others but growing personally
  • Bringing God’s love to all those who need it

Giving with love

  • To be a Christian is to be a giver
  • Everything that we have and are is a gift from God
  • He gave us his only Son who died on the cross for us
  • He asks us to be givers too
  • Givers of Time, Talent and Treasure
  • To spread His word and to serve His people

Stewardship – a way of living

  • Stewardship is the recognition that everything is a gift
  • Freely given to us for our personal use and benefit
  • Held in trust by us rather than owned by us
  • To be used as God would want
  • To be returned with increase to the Lord