Things you can do if your child is being bullied

  1. Talk – Start a conversation about being bullied. But don’t make it intense or you might deter them from talking to you.
  2. Listen – Hear the whole story without interrupting. Ask what they want to happen before you make any suggestions.
  3. Explain – It’s normal to feel hurt. It’s never OK to be bullied, and it’s NOT their fault.
  4. Find out what is happening – Ask what, when and where the behaviours occurred, who was involved, how often and if anybody else saw it. Find out if any teachers know and if the school’s done something to address the situation.
  5. Contact the school – Check the school’s bullying policy. Make an appointment to speak to your child’s teacher or coordinator. Be calm! Make a follow-up appointment in a week or two to make sure the situation is being addressed. Take your child.
  6. Give sensible advice – Don’t advise your child to fight back. Don’t explain that the child doing the bullying did not mean it—they did. Don’t tell them it will go away—it probably won’t. Don’t let your child stay away from school—it won’t solve the problem.
  7. Help your child work out some things to do – Look at the ‘Top tips for kids’ and help your child practise