Top tips for kids

You always have the right to feel safe at school. It is never your fault if bullying happens to you.

If you’re being bullied…

  • tell the person to stop
  • use neutral language to respond to the bullying, like ‘maybe’ or ‘that’s what you think’
  • walk away
  • try to act unimpressed.

But if it’s been going on for a while and these don’t work…

  • talk to your friends and ask for support
  • talk to your parents
  • talk to a teacher.

If you see someone else being bullied…

  • tell the person acting like a bully to stop
  • talk to a teacher
  • don’t watch or join in
  • try to change the subject
  • try to comfort and/or include the person who’s been targeted
  • explain that it’s nothing to do with them—it’s about the other person’s behaviour.

If you are cyberbullied …

  • don’t respond to the message or image
  • save the evidence
  • block and delete the sender
  • report the situation to the website or Internet Service Provider
  • tell trusted people—friends, adults, teachers, parents and police if necessary.