St Louis is a KidsMatter accredited school. At St Louis we teach children to become resilient, to develop strategies to reduce vulnerabilities and to increase coping skills. Staff are confident, skilled and proactive in the management of student wellbeing.

KidsMatter is a mental health promotion, prevention and early intervention initiative specifically developed for primary schools. It involves the people who have a significant influence on children’s lives – parents, families, care-givers, teachers and community groups – in making a positive difference for children’s mental health during this important developmental period.


KidsMatter focuses on four areas where schools can strengthen the protective factors for students’ mental health and minimise the risk factors. These following four areas make up the core content of KidsMatter.

  1. A positive school community
  2. Social and emotional learning for students
  3. Parenting support and education
  4. Early intervention for students experiencing mental health difficulties