Parenting Support and Education

KidsMatter includes a component on Parenting Support and Education because it recognises the importance of parenting in promoting children’s mental health.

nternational research has shown the positive effects of good parenting on children’s mental health and on school achievement. Australian research has found that parents more often consult teachers about emotional or behavioural problems their children experience than they do mental health professionals. It makes sense that if we want to support children’s mental health and wellbeing, families and schools should work closely together.

Families and schools working together

Parenting support and education is crucial to the success of school-based mental health programs  for students. A collaborative approach where parents and schools work together to promote children’s mental health is more likely to yield substantial and sustained improvements for children. Parents and carers play an important role in promoting the effectiveness of school-based social and emotional learning (SEL). Families can have a positive impact on student achievement by providing additional support and opportunities for children to practise and reinforce the SEL skills they are learning in the classroom.

Schools supporting families

Schools, through their regular contact with families, are well placed to assist parents and carers in their child rearing and parenting roles by providing access to high quality information and education about parenting, child development and children’s mental health. Helping parents and carers to understand children’s mental health issues and to identify support services, will in turn enhance the mental health of their children.