School Leaders


  1. The leaders are chosen from Year 6 students
  2. All students have the opportunity to nominate themselves
  3. Nominations involve completing an application form and if short-listed, presenting for a short
    interview with a selection panel of the Principal or Deputy, Year Level Coordinator, and a
    nominated parent of the school community
  4. The Year 5 teachers shortlist students to be interviewed
  5. A selection panel incorporating the Principal, Wellbeing Leader, Year 5 Coordinator and Parent
    interviews the short-listed students and selects 16 students to be appointed as school leaders
  6. Four leaders will be assigned to the following four portfolios of responsibility – Faith and Social
    Justice, Wellbeing, Environment, and Media
  7. The 16 leaders and selection panel vote for one boy and girl from the leadership group to be
    appointed as School Captains
  8. Each leadership portfolio can draw on the support of an additional 10 nominated Year 6 students to assist with the delivery of their portfolio activities

General Roles & Responsibilities:

  1. Participate in the school leadership programs facilitated by St Louis
  2. Participate in community events related to their designated portfolio
  3. Formulate, organise, promote and run events related to their portfolio
  4. Show leadership and model appropriate behaviour to all students
  5. Represent the school at all official occasions including the Beginning of School Year Mass at St. Patrick’s Cathedral and the local RSL Anzac Day Ceremony
  6. Represent the school at the annual Junior Mayor Competition promoted by the City of Kingston
  7. Welcome visitors and escort them around the school when necessary
  8. Conduct school tours for prospective parents during enrolment month and at other times as
    requested by the Principal
  9. Introduce and thank guests to the school
  10. Be responsible for speeches during school visits
  11. Set a positive tone for other students in the school
  12. Assist with the organisation and promotion of functions within the school
  13. Present gifts to teachers on World Teacher’s Day
  14. Commit to attend after school portfolio related events when required
  15. Commit to attend lunchtime portfolio planning meetings each fortnight
  16. Commit to attend a leaders meeting one afternoon per term
  17. Mentor incoming leaders in Term 4

Portfolio Roles & Responsibilities:

Wellbeing Leaders:

  1. Be responsible for bringing up the school flags in the procession for all school liturgies
  2. Organise SEL awards and events associated with the program
  3. Promote and coordinate celebration of annual World Teacher’s Day
  4. Promote inclusiveness, connectedness and relationship-building through St Louis P-6 Buddy
  5. Support eSmart culture by raising student awareness of Cybersatety citizenship to assist with the ongoing development of safe online practices
  6. Coordinate community response to support people effected by natural disasters

Media Leaders:

  1. Report and highlight significant events in the lives of students and staff through assemblies,
    school newsletter, radio station, online blogs and podcasts
  2. Present certificates during weekly school assemblies
  3. Plan, record and deliver weekly school Radio Program
  4. Compare annual Junior and Senior Talent Quest
  5. Lead “Acknowledgement of Land” at all official school functions
  6. Promote community partnership events in the school

Environment Leaders:

  1. Assist in implementing areas of sustainability – water, energy, waste and biodiversity
  2. Acknowledge winner of Rubbish Free Lunch Day each Wednesday
  3. Organise Walk to School Days each term
  4. Promote environmental initiatives to help achieve 5 Star Sustainability Accreditation
  5. Become ‘I see, I Care Ambassadors’ to promote and raise student awareness about the impact of waste on marine life and the environment
  6. Promote environmental awareness and community events with students at assemblies, through newsletters and with the wider community

Faith and Social Justice Leaders:

  1. Assist Religious Education Coordinators with the organisation of school masses, sacramental
    programs, and corridor displays
  2. Raise the school community’s awareness of social justice issues and needs by modelling and encouraging students to participate in appropriate social action
  3. Promote annual Caritas Appeal during Lent to support Project Compassion
  4. Coordinate fundraising School Disco to support action in third world disadvantaged communities
  5. Coordinate the sale of Anzac Badges, Red Poppies, Red Noses, Daffodils, etc
  6. Work with the support of local St Vincent de Paul Conference to operate a “Mini-Vinnies
    Conference”. This work will include coordination of the annual collection of foodstuffs for the
    Sacred Heart Mass, making up Christmas Hampers for needy people in the local community at
    the end of the school year, and conducting appeals to support the work of Catholic Missions

Selection Criteria:

  1. Ability to clearly articulate the qualities required of a school leader
  2. Ability to demonstrate personal leadership qualities
  3. Ability to demonstrate pride in our school
  4. Ability to demonstrate respect for students, teachers and adults
  5. Ability to be a good role model to other students
  6. Ability to demonstrate initiative and generate ideas
  7. An understanding of what it means to represent other students
  8. A proven track record as an exemplary school citizen

Training Program:

  1. Year 5 Preparation for Leadership Workshop Day (early October)
  2. Student Leaders Training Day 1 – The Change You Wish to See (late November)
  3. Student Leaders Training Day 2 – All Our Dreams Can Come True – If We Have The Courage To Pursue Them (mid December)
  4. Student Leaders Worksop Day 3 – Cause Change & Lead (late February)
  5. Student Leaders Workshop Day 4 – Be The Best You Can Be (late May)
  6. Student Leaders Workshop Day 5 – Action Taken: A Celebration of Achievements (midSeptember)