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St Louis’ Primary School provides a supportive environment that promotes the wellbeing of all members of the school community including students, teachers, parents and community members.

Parents have the opportunity to be involved in a range of activities which are vital to the sense of belonging to the school:


  • St Louis’ Advisory Education Board

  • Parents and Friends Association*

  • Parent Class Representatives

  • Class Helpers Program*

  • Excursions and Sporting Events

  • Parents are regularly invited to engage in school-based learning activities facilitated by staff

  • Teachers regularly direct parents to online and other resources to support family learning experiences

*To resume after Covid-19 restrictions around school visitation


 St Louis de Montfort's


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Before & After School Care - TEAM Kids

Team Kids is the premium provider that exists to enrich the children's lives before school, after school and throughout the school holidays. 

To find out more, register or book click here.

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