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Our School

St Louis de Montfort's Primary School Aspendale

St Louis de Montfort’s School is a co-educational Catholic parish primary school located in the Melbourne bayside suburb of Aspendale on the Mornington Peninsula. We are committed to providing a curriculum which will ensure the intellectual, social, physical, aesthetic and moral development of all students.

The school is on a site of 3.4 hectares (8.5 acres), approximately 1.2 km from Aspendale railway station on the Frankston line. The school is within a kilometre of the beach and is only two kilometres from Mordialloc. At the rear of the school is a municipal bicycle path and a secondary drain, which leads to the Edithvale Wetlands. Aspendale Gardens, on the far side of the secondary drain is linked to the school by footbridges. Road access is via Mordialloc or Edithvale.

The structure of the school comprises 27 classes, all of which are straight grades, with an average of 24 students per class.



  • A caring, supportive staff

  • An active parent and parish community

  • Positive Behaviour Learning approach to behaviour management

  • Garden-to-Kitchen Program for Years 3 & 4

  • You Can Do It, Bounce Back and Make Jesus Real SEL programs

  • Wellbeing sensory room

  • Win room for intervention/extension programs

  • Reading Recovery support for Year 1

  • Staff mentoring and coaching

  • Sacramental classes, school & class liturgies

  • Specialist teachers in Visual Art, Music, Physical Education & Chinese (Mandarin)

  • A school psychologist 2 days per week; counsellor, speech pathologist and occupational therapist 1day per week

  • State-of-the-art computer facilities and online services

  • Interactive Whiteboards and or Smart TV in all classrooms

  • Sets of 12 iPads for P-3 and 1:1 chromebooks for Years 3 & 4 and iPad BYOD program for Years 5-6

  • Surround sound hearing systems for students with hearing loss

  • Spacious well-maintained grounds, with a native garden setting

  • Extensive range of adventure playground equipment

  • Church, church hall and meeting rooms

  • Inter-school sports program for Years 5 & 6

  • P–2 swimming lessons

  • Swimming squad for Years 3–6

  • P–6 beach safety program

  • Annual Athletic Sports Day

  • Annual Cross Country Event for Years 3-6

  • Auskick, Goalkick, Netball, In2Cricket and Tennis options onsite after hours

  • Sunsmart policy

  • Excursions/In-school productions

  • Buddy program from Prep to Year 6

  • Annual 3 day Outdoor Camp for Year 5

  • Annual 4 day Educational Camp Tour of Canberra for Year 6

  • Annual Talent Quest for Juniors P-2 and Seniors 3-6

  • Biennial Musical Production, Culture Day and Art Show

  • Weekly assemblies

  • School leaders, sports captains & class captains

  • Senior Choir Years 3–6 & Junior Christmas Carolling Choir P–2

  • eSmart; Performance and Development Culture.

  • 5-star sustainability accreditation

  • Before and After School Care onsite

  • Canteen 3 days per week


 St Louis de Montfort's

St Louis White Cross.png
St Louis White Cross.png

Our Vision

We are a Faith Community who bring life to the Gospel in our search for Truth, Beauty and Goodness.  


We foster a culture of deep learning by providing powerful and authentic opportunities and challenges through co-design.


We influence the hearts and minds of self and others to lead hope-filled lives of impact.

StLouis Logo Transparent Background.png

Meet the St Louis' Team


Carmel Stutterd


Tanya Stefanec.jpg

Tanya Sefanec Deputy Principal and Wellbeing Leader

Michelle Barron.jpg

Michelle Barron Deputy Principal and Learning & Teaching Leader

Father Andrew Jedynak.jpg

Fr Andrew Jekot

Parish Priest for St Mary of the Cross MacKillop Parish Aspendale and Mordialloc


Marylene Douglas

Religious Education Leader and Lead Learner

Polly Pedrazzini.jpg

Polly Pedrazzini

Office Business Manager

Nicola Brennan.jpg

Nicola Brennan

Financial Assistant

Donna Lannan.jpg

Donna Lannan

Administrative Assistant


Melanie Quigley

Administration Officer


Emma Davies 

Classroom Teacher and Maths Lead Learner


Danielle Brodie

Classroom Teacher

Gary Young.jpg

Gary Young

Classroom Teacher

Anne Bright.jpg

Anne Bright Classroom Teacher

Sarah Burgoyne.jpg

Sarah Burgoyne

Classroom Teacher


Kathy Childs

Reading Recovery Teacher

Sarah Talbot.jpg

Sarah Talbot

Learning Diversity Leader


Jenny Waldron Classroom Teacher


Danielle Gill

Classroom Teacher


Gen Martin

Classroom Teacher


Angela Healy

Classroom Teacher and Literacy Lead Learner

Jessica McQueen.jpg

Jessica McQueen

Classroom Teacher

3RD - Jacinta Frizziero.jpg

Jacinta FrizzIero
Classroom Teacher


Eva Traynor

Classroom Teacher

Emma Summers.jpg

Emma Summers
Classroom Teacher

Rachel Carnegie.jpg

Rachel Carnegie

Classroom Teacher


Lena Perriman

Classroom Teacher


Jen Darby
Classroom Teacher

Michael O_Brien.jpg

Michael O’Brien

Classroom Teacher


Thomson Wood

STEM Teacher and Digital Innovation Leader


Jennifer Chalker

Classroom Teacher


Gene Trutsch

Classroom Teacher


Dominique Rekdale
Classroom Teacher


Nick Byron

Classroom Teacher




Classroom Teacher

Cate Roach.jpg

Cate Roach

Classroom Teacher


Anna Kolodziej

Classroom Teacher

Melinda Pace.jpg

Melinda Pace

Classroom Teacher

Cath Passante.jpg

Cath Passante

Classroom Teacher




Classroom Teacher


Renata Dal Sasso
Classroom Teacher


Kate O'Brien

Classroom Teacher

Luisa Ingram.jpg

Luisa Ingram

Classroom Teacher


Eliza Jones
Classroom Teacher

Camille Allenby.jpg

Camille Allenby Classroom Teacher


Dean Andrew

PE Teacher


Wendy Mertens Garden to Kitchen Program Teacher


Donna Goldsworthy

Learning Support Officer

4GY - Debbie Daniels.jpg

Debbie Daniels

Learning Support Officer

Therese Jackson.jpg

Therese Jackson

Library Admin Assistant


Toni Moser

Visual Arts 


Sue Crisp.jpg

Sue Crisp

Learning Support Officer and Garden to Kitchen Program


Anthony Denton

LOTE - Italian Teacher


Frank Overberg Gardener and Garden to Kitchen Program

Claire Gangemi.jpg

Claire Gangemi

Learning Support Officer

Kirsten Jansen-McMaster.jpg

Kirsten Jansen-McMaster

Learning Support Officer


Pauline Magee

Learning Support Officer




Learning Support Officer


Lisa Goodes

Community Services and Uniform Shop Manager 


Laura Duly

Visual Arts Teacher


Rose Carnovale Learning Support Officer


Melisa Mahl

Learning Support Officer


Giselle Doyle

Learning Support Officer

StLouis Logo Transparent Background.png

Nick Packer

Music & Performing Arts Teacher


Raelene Murphy

Learning Support Officer


Louise Wettenhall-James

Learning Support Officer


Melissa Hoare

Learning Support Officer

Our History

During the late 1950s the Catholic population of Aspendale sought to celebrate Mass locally, initially at Martin’s Dance Hall opposite Aspendale Station. When the hall was sold, Mass was celebrated in the old Scout Hall at Regents Park. In 1961 the current Catholic school and church site was purchased, with the school opening in 1965.

Aspendale was part of the Parish of St. Brigid’s, Mordialloc.
Parishioners asked the Parish Priest, Father J. English, to celebrate Mass in Aspendale.

  • 1959 Mass celebrated at Martin’s Dance Hall (opposite the Aspendale Station) by Father. J.J. Byrne from Mordialloc Presbytery.

  • Father English purchased the 8.5 acres site in Dolphin Street, Aspendale for $36,000. St. Louis Church and School buildings were commenced.

  • 1963 Martin’s Dance Hall was sold and demolished. Mass was then celebrated in the old Scout Hall in Regent’s Park.

  • 1964 St. Louis classrooms were built and Mass was celebrated there, initially in incomplete and unused classrooms then in the school corridor.

  • 1965 St. Louis de Montfort School opened with 85 students in grades prep, 1,2 and 3. Brigidine sisters in charge of school from 1965-1984. An extra class was added each year thereafter.

  • 1970 Presbytery at 17 Dolphin Street was purchased on 20th March. New Church / Assembly Hall built and conversion of Chapel into 2 classrooms.

  • 1971 First Parish Priest, Father G. Briglia, was appointed. Multi-purpose room built behind Church.

  • 1974 Father Anthony Eames appointed Parish Priest.

  • 1975 Tennis Club formed (Multi-purpose room used as Clubroom).

  • 1979 school yard filled to form the school oval and play areas. Bike Shed built.

  • 1980 Father John Woodcock appointed Parish Priest.

  • 1981 Two more classrooms added. Portable classroom (placed at side initially then moved to back of school).

  • 1984 Multi purpose room extension to include Art room. Double portable purchased and placed in front of school. Mrs Jane Flannery appointed as first lay Principal.

  • 1986 Classrooms converted to an office, staffroom and library.

  • 1989 Bike path completed at side of school.

  • 1990 Father Pat Purcell appointed Parish Administrator. (Fr. Woodcock ill).

  • 1991 Father Peter Waters appointed Parish Administrator. Mr Chris Dickinson appointed Principal.

  • 1992 Father Bill Gill appointed Parish Priest. Adventure Playground built.

  • 1996 New School Offices and Teacher Resource Room built. Library extended. Old School Offices converted to Staffroom. Double portable classroom purchased. Pastoral Leader, Terry Curtin, appointed as Parish Leader.

  • 1998 Official Opening and Blessing of Church and School extensions by Archbishop George Pell. Double portable classroom / Art Room purchased.

  • 2000 Mr James Whelan appointed Acting Principal for 12 months.

  • Father Michael Quigley appointed Parish Priest of Aspendale and Mordialloc parishes.

  • 2001 Mr Tom Lindeman appointed Principal.

  • 2002 Additional single portable classroom on loan from CEO.

  • 2003 Major building program to demolish and rebuild toilet block, extend staffroom, erect new covered walkway to link external classrooms, build a new modular classroom block comprising 4 classrooms and multi-purpose room, upgrade electricity supply, replace drainage infrastructure, extend asphalt carpark and relocate basketball courts.

  • 2004 Official Opening and Blessing of School extension and renovations by Archbishop Denis Hart.

  • 2007 school enrolment 600

  • 2008 school enrolments 635

  • 2009 school enrolments 687 with 25 classes. Hall/gym built and library extended

  • 2011 school enrolment 705 and 26 classes. Father Andrew Jekot was appointed parish priest  

  • 2014 school enrolment 760 and 28 classes

  • 2015 School celebrated 50 years

  • 2017 Enrolments drop to 724

  • 2019 Performing Arts Centre and the New learning centre were opened. Mr Tom Lindeman retired after 19 years as principal of St Louis

  • 2020 Ms Carmel Stutterd appointed Principal and started in term 4

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