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Student Wellbeing

St Louis de Montfort's Primary School Aspendale

Wellbeing is at the heart of everything we do here at St Louis De Montfort.  We value the unique qualities of each child and believe that all people are created in God’s image and have an immeasurable worth and sacred dignity.  Our holistic approach to promoting and building wellbeing in every child gives students the opportunity to develop resilience, confidence, compassion and respect for all.  We have a positive education approach to building personal and social skills within our school community.


Social Emotional Learning

Social Emotional Learning develops self awareness, the ability to manage emotions, set goals and strong interpersonal skills.  These skills are an important component of a person’s ability to build compassionate and caring relationships with others both at school and home.


Programs used to support social emotional learning at St Louis:

  • Rights, Resilience and Respectful Relationships

  • You Can Do It

  • Bounce Back

  • Making Jesus Real

  • Buddy Session

  • Circle Time

  • Lunchtime Clubs

  • Student Leadership Program


All of our  staff are committed to the wellbeing of all students in their care and we have a dedicated Student Support team.


Learning Diversity

Our Learning Diversity staff work alongside classroom teachers with a joint goal of providing rich and creative learning experiences for all students. 


Our focus at St Louis de Montfort's is to use a systematic approach to planning for diverse learners. Teacher expertise and the invaluable work of our Learning Support Officers interconnect, to ensure that students receive the opportunities they need to flourish. Learning is supported within the mainstream classroom using flexibility of instruction, visual supports and resources, curriculum differentiation and targeted teaching. For students who require a more specific approach, our student support group meets regularly with teachers and support staff to discuss and plan for individual needs. We build strong relationships with parents and use Program Support Group meetings to tailor personal learning plans for students with specific needs. Our strength based Personal Learning Plans integrate external specialist recommendations and detail short term goals and adjustments that are required to enable learner growth and success. Teachers use ongoing monitoring and assessing of the program to make adjustments accordingly. 


We are proud to support our diverse learners through both explicit teaching, and creative learning experiences that promote curiosity, interest and passion.